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Immune and Blood System

The cat immune system is the most important internal defense that your cat has against parasites, disease causing bacteria, and viruses. The cat immune system has two major components: The skin and the adaptive immune system. The skin, also called the 'innate immune system' is the first line of defense against foreign invaders. The adaptive immune system defends the body against specific foreign invaders, by creating different defenses for different invaders. When a cat's immune system malfunctions, it can attack its own body. This is called autoimmunity. The cat immune system can also overreact, called hypersensitivity, or react insufficiently, which is called immunodeficiency or suppression. A good diet and ample exercise are two of the most important ways to keep your cat's immune system functioning properly. Your vet can also administer a number of different immune system boosters to help keep the system healthy. Continue reading to learn more about the cat immune system, and immune system health.

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