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Medical Procedures

Spay/Neuter is the most common medical procedure for cats. Spay/Neuter refers to the surgical sterilization of your pet. Once your cat has been spayed/neutered, she/he will no longer have the ability to reproduce. Cat medical procedures such as spay/neuter can be performed on cats at just about any age, but it is typically performed when cats are around 6 to 7 weeks old. In addition to preventing pregnancy, spaying and neutering eliminates the pets heat cycle, reduces the urge to roam, reduces the possibility of disease in the reproductive system, and it cuts down on destructive behavior such as destroying furniture or trying to escape from the home. Although cat spaying/neutering is the most common cat medical procedure, there are other common cat procedures that can be used to correct vision, repair broken limbs, and help to alleviate the symptoms of a everything from bloating to difficulty breathing. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of cat medical procedures.

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