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A cat virus can cause as little as a few sniffles or sneezes or as much as severe coughing and fatigue. Feline influenza or 'cat flu,' for example, has a low risk of fatalities. Only 1% to 10% of all cats with cat flu will die from this virus. Feline parvovirus, on the other hand, is a serious cat virus that reproduces so quickly that it can kill within days if left untreated. Some of the most common causes of death from parvovirus virus include dehydration and blood loss. The good news is, the vast majority of cat viruses can be prevented through vaccinations and keeping a watchful eye on your pet, especially around trash and other pet feces. The parvovirus is found in feces and infected food lying on the ground. If you want to learn more about the different types of cat viruses, symptoms, and treatment, continue reading to get the facts.

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