When Cats Appear to Act Crazy

It's true that cats are normally very dignified creatures, but cats and crazy behavior is not all that uncommon. Crazy cat behavior can be a sign of illness or just a need to play or express his natural instincts.

Some Common Cat Training Problems Include

  • Avoiding the litter box - Cats may avoid the litter box if it is not kept clean enough or if they are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Clean the box more frequently and observe your cat for UTI symptoms.
  • Scratching the furniture - Cats scratch to mark their territory and stretch their muscles as a form of exercise. Provide a scratching post to discourage destruction.

Strange Catnip Behavior and Stalking

Cats are predators. They have been hunters for thousands of years and they will stalk and possibly kill birds and small rodents. To protect birds, place bird feeders out in the open. Do not allow cats access to open windows higher than the first floor. In their predatory zeal, cats have been known to fall out windows.

Catnip very often causes a cat to exhibit strange, oftentimes hyperactive behavior. Catnip is a stimulant, so the behavior is well understood if you imagine your cat has just consumed a couple of cups of coffee (and isn't the least bit worried about maintaining a good social impression). It's also a mild mind-altering substance, so your cat may stare off into space after sniffing or biting at catnip. Catnip is completely safe for your cat, and the effects won't last longer than 15 minutes.