Causes of Cat Bad Breath

Cat bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be caused by a number of dental diseases or other health issues. Even if your cat’s breath has never been pleasant, when the cat has health issues, you will notice that the odor coming from his mouth is worse than usual. There are also some symptoms that accompany bad breath, including lack or appetite, pawing at the mouth or excessive drooling. Finding the cause of bad breath is important to prevent further complications.

Feline Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a swelling of the gums, and may affect the area around one or several teeth. Gingivitis is caused by poor dental hygiene and bacteria that attack the gums. It can easily turn into periodontal disease, attacking the bone and ligaments. The symptoms of gum disease also include swollen and red gums. When the gums are touched or you brush your cat’s teeth, the gums will bleed.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease has major consequences. Plaque deposits should be removed on a daily basis, otherwise they turn into tartar and this leads to gum disease. At this stage, the condition can be treated, but if not detected, it will lead to periodontal disease. As it advances, the toxins and the bacteria that gather in the cat’s mouth will attack the alveolar bone and ligaments, and may also enter the blood flow, causing severe infections.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess can occur due to dental disease or fractures, and there will be pus accumulating in the vicinity of the affected tooth.

Cat Stomatitis

Stomatitis is also known as lymphocytic-plasmacytic gingivitis-stomatitis-pharyngitis (GSPC) and is a condition that will cause frequent ulceration in the cat’s mouth. Cats with a weaker immune system are more prone to stomatitis, but the real cause of the disease hasn’t been established yet.

Foreign Bodies

If the cat has a foreign body stuck in his teeth and it starts to decompose, the bad breath may be coming from this source. The foreign body needs to be removed using a pair of tweezers, or if you can't do it, visit the vet.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease in cats can lead to dental problems and bad breath. On the other hand, periodontal disease can also allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and attack the kidneys or other vital organs.