Causes of Gas in Dogs

The causes of gas in dogs can be difficult to pinpoint. Most dogs suffer from an occasional bout of flatulence. Often the source is obvious: an overturned garbage can or a few too many table scraps. Intestinal gas is not a serious condition, but if it is a chronic condition, there are available solutions.

Common Causes of Gas

Intestinal gas is produced by the breakdown of proteins within your dog's digestive system. Some commercial dog foods contain poor quality protein that is more difficult to digest, causing gas. In addition, some dogs have difficulty digesting beef and potatoes-common ingredients in many dog foods.

Reduce Your Dog's Gas

To reduce the incidence of canine gas, consider these tips:

  • Use high-quality dog food;
  • Switch to an alternative protein source, such as lamb or venison;
  • Don't give your dog dairy products, such as milk or ice cream;
  • Feed twice a day rather than once;
  • For large dogs, elevate their food bowl to decrease the amount of air swallowed while eating.