Causes of Dog Nose Crusting

Cold and wet: these are the typical characteristics of a healthy dog nose. To find a dog nose dry and crusting can sometimes be a cause for concern.

Causes of Dog Nose Crusting

Sometimes smelling the ground or rolling a ball around with his nose can cause a dog to pick up debris that can adhere to nose and dry-up. 

Illnesses like distemper, parvovirus, allergies, or an upper respiratory infection can cause a dog's nose to become runny, and the mucous build-up can become dry and crusty. Conditions like lupus and hypothyroidism can cause crusting of the nose as well.

Treatment for a Crusty Dog Nose

If the cause of the dog nose crusting is due to an underlying condition, that condition needs to be treated. In mild cases or to help provide some relief, petroleum jelly or Vitamin E can sometime help alleviated a crusted nose. Gently wiping a dog's nose with a warm, wet cloth can also help clean and moisten a dog’s nose.

When it comes to dog health, nose health matters. Always have a veterinarian check a dog out if one finds a warm dog nose accompanied by crusting, scabs and prolonged dryness.