Pilling a cat

My favorite way to give pills to cats is with a "Pet Piller". This is a plastic rod with little rubber cups on the end that hold the pill until a plunger is pressed. It doesn't seem to upset the cat much. Not as much as putting fingers in their mouth, anyway.

Alternatives are to extend your cat's head backwards just enough that her nose is pointing straight towards the ceiling. Most cats will open their mouth slightly at this point. Open the bottom jaw a little more with the little finger or ring finger of the hand holding the pill. It may be necessary to hold her top jaw with the other hand while doing this. The drop the pill or lightly throw it so that it hits beyond the slight hump in the tongue. Most cats will swallow instinctively. Some pills are small enough to hide them in food. A good "last resort" is to find a compounding pharmacy and have them make a flavored gel or liquid out of the medication.