How to Find a Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Finding a certified pet dog trainer takes a little research to be successful. It is important that you find a trainer that both you and your dog like to be around. There is an element of trust that must exist between you and the dog trainer and the trainer and your dog. Without this trust the success of the training is limited.

Find a Trainer You Agree With

Training dogs effectively takes a special person. It is important that you don't just go anywhere for appropriate training. It is also important that you agree with the trainer's philosophy. There are trainers that only train based on positive reinforcement and other that believe in a little tougher love, such as choke chains and shock collars. You need to decide what you believe in as a first step in the trainer evaluation.

Get a Certified Trainer with Experience

Once you know what you are comfortable with, you will find it easier to choose the right trainer. You also want to make sure that the trainer you work with has a good track record of success and many years of experience. Just going to the local pet store where someone who's merely taken a few trainer classes is running the show won't be sufficient.

Get Recommendations from Your Vet and Friends

By taking the time to get recommendations from you vet or others who have visited dog trainers, you can narrow your search. Then it is up to you to conduct the interviews and find the trainer who works best with you and your dog.