Charcoal Dog Biscuits for Bad Breath

Dog biscuits are a great treat for your pet. The biscuits available may have additional benefits than just rewarding your companion. Some treats contain various supplements (i.e. glucosamine for the bone or cartilages) while others can be a remedy for halitosis or bad breath. Charcoal dog biscuits can be administered for dogs with bad breath.

Charcoal Biscuits for Bad Breath

The charcoal biscuits for canines contain activated charcoal and can be administered if your pet has this problem.

Typically, the breath of dogs is not particularly pleasant, but may get worse if the dog ages or suffers from a number of health problems such as:

  • Teeth and gum disease
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Diabetes
  • Stomach problems such as indigestion
  • Tumors in the gastrointestinal or respiratory tract

While these conditions need proper treatment, you can reduce the problem of bad breath with some biscuits.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

The activated charcoal can be used in a number of instances, most frequently in cases of poisoning, absorbing the contents of the stomach, so that the toxins will not get in the blood stream.

The activated charcoal may also be used to speed up the digestive process, so the contents of the stomach will be eliminated faster. Dogs affected by constipation may benefit of activated charcoal biscuits and these may also be administered if the pet has eaten from the garbage or has consumed non food items that are not necessarily toxic, but can cause gastrointestinal distress.

However, the activated charcoal may also absorb other liquids and odors that may lead to bad breath.

The biscuits can also be used if your dog is gassy.

Recent studies have also shown that the activated charcoal treats may reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood and may be used both in human and veterinary medicine. The activated charcoal can be helpful in reducing the risks of heart disease and cardiovascular problems.

Preparing Activated Charcoal Biscuits

Activated charcoal biscuits can be found in pet stores, but you may also prepare the biscuits at home.

The activated charcoal can be purchased in the form of powder in pharmacies.

The biscuits can be prepared with wheat flour and should include 3 tbsp of activated charcoal for each 300 g of wheat flour. You may also add some cornmeal or oatmeal. The amount of cornmeal or oatmeal should be about 1/3 of the amount of wheat flour.

If you want to enhance the odor absorbing powers of the treats, you can add parsley or peppermint to the mix, as these ingredients are known to reduce bad breath as well. Use dry parsley or peppermint leaves. All these ingredients are safe for the dog.

The charcoal treats will also be a rich source of fibers, which can reduce problems such as diarrhea or constipation.

Meanwhile, you should get to a vet and establish if the bad breath is caused by an underlying medical condition.