Cholodin Feline Side Effects

Cholodin is a dietary supplement for senior pets that has been in use since 1982. It contains choline, a nutrient in the vitamin B family. Choline is essential to your cat's body. It helps develop healthy cell membranes, protect the liver from fatty buildup and maintain the nervous system. Cholodin-FEL is the version made for cats. In addition to the choline, amino acids and vitamins contained in Cholodin, Cholidin-FEL also contains taurine, which your cat's body can't produce on its own.

Holistic veterinarians prescribe Cholodin-FEL to help treat conditions associated with aging cats such as feline arthritis and joint pain. It is also used to improve cognitive function in cats with feline cognitive disorder (cat Alzheimer's), whose symptoms include lethargy, inappropriate urination, staring at walls, excessive sleeping and failure to recognize people.

Cholodin has few side effects which are limited to increased neurological activity. These are similar to what you would see with any choline-loading regimen and occur only rarely.


The choline in Cholodin-FEL stimulates better communication between the neurons in your cat's body. You may notice an increase in his activity such as frenzied behavior, running, climbing and yowling.

Usually, this can be remedied by stopping the Cholodin-FEL for a few days then restating it again at a lower dose.

Social Agitation

In rare cases, your cat may show signs of social agitation while on Cholodin-FEL. He may become unusually aggressive toward other cats or dogs in your home. He may become aggressive toward you. If your cat is normally outgoing, you may notice that he has become withdrawn or nervous.

This behavior too can usually be corrected by stopping the Cholodin-FEL and restarting after a few days at a lower dose.

Muscle Twitching

Muscle twitches are fine movements of a small area of your cat's muscle. They are caused by minor muscle contractions in a specific area or when a muscle group controlled by a single motor nerve fiber twitches uncontrollably. Since choline affects the nervous system, it may cause muscle twitching in your cat.

As with the other side effects, you can correct this by stopping the Cholodin-FEL. The side effect usually does not return once you restart at a lower dose.

Cholodin-FEL has been tested in a number of clinical studies. It has proven safe for the treatment of many ailments associated with feline aging including feline arthritis, feline joint pain and feline cognitive disorder. But as with any supplement, side effects may occur. They are rare, and generally mild, but if you notice unusual behavior in your cat after starting Cholodin-FEL, you should consult your vet for advice.