Choosing a Natural Cough Remedy for Dogs

If your dog has developed a cough, you can help to ease his pain by giving him a natural cough remedy. Cough remedies are available in many different forms for pets.

While there are prescription medicines and other treatments that you can acquire by visiting a vet and paying for a medical treatment, you can also help to treat your pet by giving him a set of natural treatment options as well. When you do this, you avoid putting potentially harmful or unnatural chemicals into your dog's body.

It's always important to recognize exactly what the cause of your dog's cough is so that you can properly treat it. Otherwise, it may get worse.

Natural Cough Suppressants

Natural cough suppressants mix different herbal ingredients into either a tablet form or a liquid form for you to give to your dog. They can be given along with treats or mixed in with his food.

These cough remedies have a number of benefits. First, they are low in side effects and tend to be very effective for most dogs. Secondly, they will cure a wide variety of different coughing symptoms.

However, it's important to recognize that sometimes these cough suppressant may actually cause your pet's cough to linger in his system; if his cough is such that his body is trying to expel germs and other bad bacteria, suppressing the cough may only worsen the condition.

Immune System Boosters

Sometimes, your pet just requires an immune system boost in order to help his body naturally to fend off the cough and the condition that has brought about the cough in the first place. While a healthy dog's body will produce Vitamin C on its own, sometimes an ill dog has a compromised generating system. In these cases, you can help your pet by giving him a supplement that includes Vitamin C. General vitamin supplements will also help to make sure that every system in your pet's body is well covered and properly functional, which can help in turn to remove the cough from his body.

Homemade Cough Remedies

One of the very best ways to eliminate your pet's cough for a small amount of money is to make a cough remedy yourself at home. These are relatively easy to make and can be done quickly. Simply mix up the following ingredients in a bowl or cup:

  • Honey
  • Peppermint
  • Wild cherry bark tincture
  • Water
  • Vitamin C

Allow all of the ingredients to mix together and then warm them gently over a stove. The tea-like mixture will be a naturally soothing way of eliminating your pet's cough. Provide the mixture to him along with his food or give it to him to drink directly.

In order to truly stop your pet's coughing, you'll have to isolate the underlying cause and eliminate it from his system. Work with your vet in order to be able to do this as best as possible.