Choosing a Pet Safe Cleaner

Choosing a pet safe cleaner can be a daunting task, especially since most cleaning agents have lists of ingredients that are several syllables long and have spellings that seem to come from another planet. However, with careful research, you can determine which on the market cleaners are pet safe.

Products Containing Natural Ingredients

Some natural plants and herbs actually possess cleaning qualities. Green Works by The Clorox Company contains alkyl polyglucoside from coconuts that is a natural oil and greasing dissolving agent and can dissolve dirt as well. Both lactic acid and citric acid also combine to reduce minerals thereby softening hard water to enable the natural ingredients to work harder and more efficiently. The product contains plant-based and mineral-based naturally derived cleansing ingredients that are biodegradable, which quickly break down into environmentally friendly elements.

When shopping for pet safe cleaners, read the labels carefully. Most products that have the “green” label are usually safe for both pets and humans.

Natural Ingredients Themselves

Some natural plant, mineral or foods have “cleaner” qualities. Most, if not all, do not produce any allergic reactions in their usage. For example, citrus fruit such as lemons have been used for a number of “cleaning tasks”. They can be sliced and used to freshen up the garbage disposal. They can also be used for cleaning grease and dirt off of hard or porous surfaces. For heavy duty jobs, use only a fresh lemon to cut away grease, oil and dirt. For light cleaning jobs, dilute in water. This mixture can be applied with sponges or even a mop.

Distilled white vinegar also acts as a grease and oil-cutting agent. Mix the vinegar in a bucket of water, diluting according to the level of the task. For heavy-duty needs, mix it stronger than for lighter needs. The vinegar also acts as a disinfectant so that you can use this mixture as a bathroom and kitchen cleaner.

Baking soda can also be used as a cleaner and refreshener. Sprinkling some on a carpet and allowing it to set for 15 minutes before vacuuming will extract odors from the carpet. Placing a box of baking soda inside the refrigerator and the freezer and replacing the old box with a new one monthly will keep food odors from permeating the appliance and foods placed within. Mixing baking soda into a bucket of water can also be used as a cleaner.

For hard-to-clean stains, you can make a “baking soda paste” to apply and let set for 15 minutes. This will loosen the dirt and allow the surface to be cleaned.

Read Labels Carefully

Some products advertise that they are pet safe or environmentally safe. Only a careful reading of the product’s labels can verify this claim. If you ever use a product and either you, a loved one or one of your pets begins to exhibit an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately. Some allergic reactions can include:

  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • itching, watery eyes
  • running nose
  • rash
  • burning feeling