Choosing Between Automatic Kitty Litter Boxes

An automatic kitty litter box can take a lot of the messy work out of cat ownership. They're more hygienic than ordinary litter boxes, and they cut down on smell, too. But which self-cleaning litter tray is the best? Here are some tips on how to choose between the many automatic litter boxes available for cats today.

Consider Your Needs Realistically

How many cats do you have? Any automatic kitty litter box you buy will need to be able to accommodate all of the cats in your household. Some cats don't like sharing a box, so you might need to buy more than one. This could mean you'll have to choose a more affordable option.

Some cats might be frightened by a box that make a lot of noise. Some models are quieter than others, but might also be more expensive. Some boxes clean themselves at regular intervals, such as the PetSafe Simply Clean, which cleans itself every hour. Others cleans themselves each time they're used, such as the Litter Maid, which cleans itself about ten minutes after your cat leaves the box. Some cats might be spooked if the box begins its cycle while they're nearby.

Consider the Capabilities of Different Models

Do your research, and read packaging carefully before making a decision. Some models work well with any type of clumping kitty litter, whether it be clay-based or clay free. Others require a special type of litter that might be more expensive.

Some models, such as the Litter Maid, require the purchase of disposable waste receptacles. Others, such as the Litter Robot, simply require a kitchen trash bag to line the waste receptacle drawer.

Some of the Best Models Described

Some of the most popular models of automatic kitty litter trays are:

  • The Litter Robot is one of the more expensive self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. It cleans itself after each use. Waste is deposited in a receptacle drawer, which you can line with a kitchen trash bag.
  • The PetSafe Simply Clean automatic kitty litter box has no exposed moving parts. It cleans itself by rotation every hour. It's quiet, requires no special bags or waste receptacles, and uses ordinary clumping litter. This box is a good option for cats who are spooked by noise.
  • The Litter Maid comes in a range of different models, ideal for many different needs. Some come with carbon-filtered air cleaners to further reduce odor in multi-cat homes. The Litter Maid is one of the most popular models because it's affordable and works well with ordinary clay clumping litter. However, you'll need to buy disposable waste receptacles.
  • The Cat Genie kitty litter box uses water from your bathroom or laundry room line to flush itself, just like a toilet. Your pet's toilet area will be automatically sanitized, and remain dust free.
  • The ScoopFree Ultra automatic litter box is similar to the Litter Maid, but uses disposable litter trays pre-filled with Fresh Step Crystals litter. While the ScoopFree Ultra itself is affordable, the purchase of litter tray refills could be expensive over the long run.