Choosing the Best Dachshund Dog Food

The Dachshund dog is a breed belonging to the hound family, and is of German origins. The Dachshunds are very loyal and devoted to their owners, but extremely stubborn and very difficult to train. Given their playful personality and their natural drive to chase small animals, balls, birds, the Dachshund needs proper nutrition to keep in good shape. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your dog and feed him proper food.

Choosing the Best Dachshund Dog Food

When trying to figure out the best food for your Dachshund, you can chose from a wide variety of commercial types of food and homemade food. There is a debate among specialists about the best option: commercial food or homemade food, since each type has specific advantages and disadvantages.

Given that they are playful dogs, Dachshunds need a lot of energy, proteins and fats.

The digestive tract is small, so food has to be concentrated.

Your dog can get the nutrients he needs from chicken, fish and eggs. You should also keep in mind to adapt the type of food you chose to your dog’s age and possible health conditions. You can also use supplements, but consult you veterinarian for the best option.

Commercial Food for Dachshund

Many owners choose to feed their Dachsund commercial food because it is easier and more comfortable than cooking food at home.

However, it is very important to chose high quality products just to make sure that the dog gets valuable nutrients. For instance, it is important to avoid bones and meat that may come from diseased animals and you wouldn’t like you dog to be infected or consume the drugs that those animals had been administered for their disease.

Grains, grease and fats are also difficult to digest especially if they were not approved for human consumption due to inappropriate storage and mold. If you chose commercial food for your dog, make sure it has high levels of proteins and minerals.

Natural Dog Food for Dachshunds

Natural pet food does not contain any preservatives, additives or any other substances which are difficult to digest. They mostly contain animal protein and not the substitutes that can be obtained from soy, corn and wheat.

Chicken (without growth hormones or steroids) and sweet potatoes could be among the first choices in a natural diet for your dog.

You can also chose to cook your dog’s meals and this way you know exactly what you serve him. Besides meat and other sources of protein, you can feed him vegetable juice and purees to help with digestion.

Healthy Treats

Remember that human treats and food from your plate are not the best option for your Dachshund. If you want to reward your dog, use special dog treats, low in calories but nutritious and tasty.

Dog treats come in different shapes and some of them are intended to keep your dog’s breath fresh.