Identifying A Constipated Dog: 3 Signs

Dogs get constipated, too. Most dog owners can't recognize the signs of constipation. If you know what to look for, you can ease your dog's uncomfortable state right away. Tell Tale Signs The number one way to tell if your dog is constipated is to pay attention to your dog's stools. Stools that are hard, round, and small are often signs of constipation. Other ways to tell if your dog is having bowel movement problems include: * extra time spent defecating * diarrhea (this often comes after a bowel movement) * blood in stool What Actions to Take Most dogs become constipated due to a lack of proper water. Make sure that your dogs drinks plenty of water to avoid constipation. In addition, make sure that your dog eats quality food that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not give your dog any kind of laxative. Dogs should never take any form of human medication -- including laxatives. You can also try to give your dog some canned pumpkin (natural laxative) or a small amount of milk. In any case, consider a medical visit if the problem continues.