7 Ways to Control House Flea Infestation

A flea infestation may be difficult to get rid of, due to the flea life cycle.

A pet with parasites sheds fleas and flea eggs in the environment where he lives. These eggs may develop and infest the environment, even after your pet has been treated; the eggs develop into larvae and pupae, and these hatch into adults. Larvae may survive for up to 1 year in a suitable environment.

It is critical to get rid of the fleas in your home at the same time you treat your pet.

1. Vacuuming

Fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae can be absorbed by a vacuum cleaner. A flea is a minuscule black/brown insect that can be visible. Fleas also leave feces behind, which consist of dry blood.

Vacuum daily. It is important to clean every corner of your house, including doors and windows, and on carpets where fleas can thrive.

Put a pet flea collar in the vacuum bag and empty the bag after each usage, as fleas may hatch and develop in the vacuum cleaner as well. You should dispose of the bag after each vacuuming. Make sure you get rid of the bag safely.

2. Insecticides

Get an over the counter insecticide or contact a professional exterminator.

Follow the instructions carefully and quarantine the area for a few hours or even half a day, to make sure your pets or children don’t inhale or swallow the insecticides.

Note that the insecticide will only kill the adult fleas. Re-apply the insecticides every 2 weeks, so that you will kill the possible newly developed fleas.

3. Bleach

Flea eggs are larvae are resistant to household products. Bleach can destroy flea eggs and larvae. Clean the floors, your pet’s crate and the bathrooms.

Keep your pet away from bleach or areas that you have recently cleaned, for at least 3 hours after application.

4. Washing

Wash the bedding, drapes, pet clothes or removable furniture covers frequently.

Change your pet’s bedding; it is advisable to throw out the infested sheets and food bowls.

5. Steam Cleaning

As flea larvae and eggs can stick to carpets and may be difficult to remove with a vacuum, you can steam clean the carpets.

The hot air will kill the fleas instantly, helping the pupae and the larvae to hatch. After cleaning the carpets, apply some insecticide or anti-flea powder on the carpets.

6. Flea Repellent Sprays

Use flea repellent sprays in your house and garden. These will keep the fleas away from your home and pets.

7. Anti-Flea Powders

Purchase anti-flea powders that can be used on furniture and carpets. Opt for powders that dehydrate the fleas and prevent the larvae and eggs from developing.

Only 10% of the total number of fleas live on your pet; the rest are in your house. This is why the cleaning is essential. To prevent re-infestation of your pet, get some flea medication and administer it on a monthly basis. Get a flea repellent collar and groom your pet several times per week.