The Cost of Cherry Eye Surgery

Cherry eye surgery is a routine veterinary procedure to correct the condition known as cherry eye, in which a dog's tear duct gland becomes prolapsed and detached from the rest of his eye. The surgery is relatively simple and requires that the dog be put under general anesthesia.

Cherry Eye Surgery Cost

Different veterinarians have varying levels of experience and will subsequently charge unique fees for performing cherry eye surgery. Typically, the procedure costs between $300 and $500, although it may be as much as $800 for surgical correction of both eyes. If you are concerned about the cherry eye cost, consult with a number of vets for estimates on the cost of the procedure.

After Cherry Eye Surgery

The cost of cherry eye surgery typically includes the necessary blood sample and tests as well as the costs of the anesthesia, the procedure itself and any post-operation care or antibiotics. Following surgery to correct cherry eye, dogs generally recover in a matter of days.

Cherry eye is not a serious condition, but it nevertheless needs to be corrected. Surgery has proven to be the only effective way of remedying cherry eye. If your dog has cherry eye, consult with your veterinarian to discuss your treatment options and their respective costs.