Creepies and Crawlies

Demodex mite
demadex mite
The cause of follicular mange in dogs.

Demodex mange
Demodex treatment

A parasitic intestinal cestode worm with a flattened, bandlike form.
This is the part you see tapeworm segment.


Tapeworms -  Dogs
Tapeworms - Cats

Parasitic insect of the order Siphonaptera - may carry disease as will as cause allergic dermatitis
in cats and dogs.
Oh...and if your cat or dog eats a flea - you might start looking for tapeworms.

Flea control in cat
Flea control in dogs

A blood-sucking acarid parasite. Ticks are larger then their relatives, the mites.
These bad boys carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever  and  Ehrlichia  and can cause tick paralysis in dogs.. They just sit on a blade of grass for a very long time -
just waiting for a nice juicy dog to stroll by..


Otodectes is a genus of mites that inhabit the surface of the ear and
cause the ear infection Otoacariasis.
These cuties can travel back and forth between your pets. Head shaking, itching and a blackish waxy goo in the ear canals are indications that ear mites may have taken up residence in
your cat or dogs ears.

Ear mites - cats
Ear mites - dogs