The Dangers of Administering Pet Vaccines to Pregnant Dogs

Pet vaccines are usually safe for animals in a normal state of health. However, pregnant dogs could spontaneously abort if they receive a vaccination during pregnancy.

Risks of Vaccinating Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant dogs could suffer a miscarriage if vaccinated. Veterinarians recommend against using a live vaccine in pregnant dogs. There are a few vaccines specially designed for use in pregnant dogs; they are:

  • Parvac, a vaccine for parvovirus made by CSL
  • A canine parvovirus vaccine made by Fort Dodge
  • Canvac BB, a kennel cough vaccine made by CSL
  • Protech Duramine BB, a kennel cough vaccine made by Fort Dodge

Vaccinating a pregnant dog may also increase the length of maternal immunity in her puppies after they are born, making it difficult to vaccinate them effectively after birth. This can make socializing your twelve-week-old puppies dangerous.

When Not to Vaccinate

If your dog has missed her vaccinations and becomes pregnant, you can delay vaccinations until after the puppies are born. However, you should be certain that there has never, ever been a case of parvovirus, canine distemper, or canine hepatitis on your property, as the viruses could remain even in the soil.

Vaccinating Your Pregnant Dog Safely

If you decide to vaccinate your pregnant dog, it should be perfectly safe as long as your vet uses a killed vaccine.