Four Steps to Effective Dog Dental Cleaning

Four Steps to Effective Dog Dental Cleaning

Dog dental cleaning is one of the most important ways you can protect your dog's good health. If brushing your dog's teeth every day might seem impossible, follow these steps to make a daily dog dental cleaning regimen fun an easy for you both!

1. Get your dog used to the flavor of dog toothpaste. Make sure you use a toothpaste intended for dog dental cleaning. Let your dog lick some toothpaste from your fingers; praise and reward him. If he doesn't like the taste, try another flavor. Do this daily for a few days.

2. In order to benefit from dog dental cleaning, your dog needs to be comfortable with having his teeth rubbed. Use your finger to rub some toothpaste on the canine teeth at the front of his mouth. Reward him afterward. Continue this step daily until your dog becomes comfortable with it.

3. The third step to dog dental cleaning is to familiarize your dog with the texture of the toothbrush. Allow him to lick the toothpaste from the bristles, and don't forget to praise him for his good effort. Continue this step daily until your dog is familiar with the toothbrush.

4. The fourth step to effective dog dental cleaning is to start brushing. Lift your dog's upper lip and hold the brush at a 45 degree angle from the gum line. Use gentle back-and-forth strokes. Start by brushing only the canine teeth, and gradually begin to brush more teeth each day. Don't worry about brushing the inside of your dog's teeth; just brush the outside. Speak soothingly and encouragingly to your dog during dog dental cleaning, and remember to reward him with a treat afterward.