Dog Dental Products That Actually Work

Purchasing dog dental products promotes oral health in any dog. Almost 90% of dogs develop tooth and gum disease after the age of five. An untreated infection can spread to the organs leading to death. Keep dental chews and bones on hand, but don't forget toothbrushes and wipes. Toothbrushes Always purchase a toothbrush geared for the shape and size of your dog's mouth. A toothbrush tops the list of important dog dental products. A human's electric toothbrush, like SoniCare, removes more plague than a typical toothbrush. Specially Formulated Toothpaste Never use human toothpastes on your dog. Dog toothpastes come in many flavors including chicken and beef. Look for enzymatic toothpastes at any pet store. Dental Wipes Dog dental wipes are not a substitute for brushing your dog's teeth. They contain chemicals that cling to the teeth and prevent plaque from converting to tartar. Nylabones Nylabones resist damage even after hours of chewing. Look for bones that contain nubs and dental tips that massage gums and scrape plague from the canine's teeth. Dental Bones Look for dental bones that are high in protein and contain chlorophyll and/or parsley to help freshen the breath. Always monitor your pet while he/she chews the dog dental products. Rawhide Chews Studies by licensed veterinarians find that rawhide chews are more effective for removing tartar than dog biscuits. But rawhide should be discarded after about a week, as it's a breeding ground for bacteria.