Dog Dental Treats: Why They're So Important

Dog dental treats keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy and his breath smelling fresh. There are a variety of dog dental treats available, so you can find one that's perfect for your dog's needs and preferences. Benefits of Dog Dental Treats * Dog dental treats scrape your dog's teeth clean to prevent plaque build-up. * Dog dental treats massage your dog's gums. * Chewing dog dental treats strengthens your dog's jaw muscles. * Dog dental treats freshen your dog's breath. Why Give Dog Dental Treats? * Good dental hygiene is vital to your dog's health. * Daily dog dental treats prevent tartar and tooth decay. * Dog dental treats enhance the benefits of daily tooth-brushing. * Dog dental treats can be an alternative if your dog won't cooperate with tooth-brushing. Dog Dental Treat Options Don't be intimidated by the wide range of dental treat options available. * Hard treats: Hard biscuits are affordable and effective at preventing tooth decay. * Dog dental treats: Many brands of dog dental treats are designed to give your dog the maximum benefit from chewing. * Fresh breath: Fresh-breath dog dental treats include such ingredients as cinnamon or baking soda to freshen your dog's breath.