Diabetes Supplements for Cats

Diabetes supplements for cats is becoming more widely used among veterinarians in efforts to be proactive and ultimately prevent the use of insulin. Diabetes in cats is more common than we think. In order to understand the use of the supplements, we should first be aware of the symptoms of diabetes in cats, dietary supplements used, and other diabetic supplements.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats

Cats generally show a gradual onset of diabetes over a few weeks, and it may not be noticeable for a while. This disease is not typically found in cats less than seven years old. The first obvious symptoms consist of sudden weight loss or gain and excessive drinking and urination. You may notice your cat has developed an obsession with water and linger around faucets or water bowls. Also take note of any change in appetite, whether the cat is eating excessively or not at all. A more serious symptom is noticeable thinning of the skin and apparent fragility.

Dietary Supplements

Diabetes is complicated since it affects many other organs. One goal is weight loss if necessary, since weight is directly related to insulin. On the other hand, some cats may require weight gain because their body requires the extra calories. Timing of your cats meals are also very important. If your pet receives one injection of insulin daily, it is typically recommended they eat half of their daily meal at the time of injection and the other half when the insulin is at its peak activity. Some foods that are recommended for cats with diabetes would be Purina's DM Diet for cats. This food is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Most veterinarians also recommend high fiber diets, which affect the rate of absorption and metabolism of glucose and fat. High fiber also promotes weight loss and slows the absorption of the digestive tract so the cats blood sugar doesn’t peak after meals. This relatively new approach to treating diabetes seems to make a major difference in many diabetic cats.

Diabetic Supplements

Some other supplements used in treating diabetes are Acarbose, Feline Diabetes Solution and Fiber Forte Felin. Acarbose is a starch blocker. This medication has been used in Europe for awhile but now it is available in the United States under the brand name Precose by Bayer. It has been seen that half of cats given acarbose along with a high protein and low carbohydrate diet have been able to discontinue insulin injections. Feline Diabetes Solution by Healthy Pet works to rebalance the cats body by balancing their pancreatic functions and promoting healthy sugar metabolism. There is also Fiber Forte Felin which is a way to supplement your cats diet with fiber, since cats typically do not receive enough on a daily basis.

Diabetes is a serious condition whether it be in your cat or a human. It is important to be mindful of your cats behavior in order to detect early symptoms and avoid having your cat become insulin dependent. If your cat is diagnosed with diabetes, you will be able to help by monitoring their diet and providing them with the appropriate supplements to improve their quality of life.