Principles of a Diabetic Cat Diet

The proper cat diet can make a huge difference in the treatment and healthy maintenance for the diabetic cat. Organic cat food and chicken cat food are often the best choices to help reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

The Role of Carbohydrates

Diabetes is usually linked to a high carbohydrate dry food diet and poor cat food nutrition. A cat diet low in carbohydrates but with high protein, and filled with whole ingredients, helps keep your cat's blood sugar under control. Making raw kitten food can help prevent diabetes in future years. Many canned foods are also high in carbohydrates so reading the labels carefully is important. A cat diet higher in protein mimics what a cat would eat in the wild.

Carbohydrates, Obesity and Cat Diabetes

Cats naturally use proteins and fats for energy and do not process carbohydrates economically from a digestion standpoint. If carbohydrates exceed 8% of the cat diet, the excess carbohydrates are stored as fat. The increased fat cells promote diabetes due to an increase in insulin resistance. Completely removing carbohydrates from rice and wheat results in the best cat food nutrition for the diabetic cat.

Fiber Is Not Helpful

Cat diet experts used to believe that a diabetic cat would benefit from a high fiber diet. But a cat's natural diet is not very high in fiber. If making raw kitten food, it is important to avoid adding excess fiber to the cat diet. Chicken cat food, organic cat food, and high quality cat foods formulated for the diabetic cat will contain the proper amount of fiber for your cat.

The Importance of Animal Protein and Water

In nature, the cat diet consists of whole animal protein and moisture in the form of blood, animal moisture, and fresh water. Chicken cat food helps free your cat from diabetic symptoms. Cats are not meant to eat plant-based proteins. Water is a key component in a healthy cat diet. Cats aren't naturally thirsty for water alone and they absorb moisture most effectively through their intestines.

Avoid Dry Cat Food

Dry food provides poor cat food nutrition and is detrimental especially for the diabetic cat. The ingredients in dry cat food are often processed, and it usually consists of by-products and fillers. The protein in dry cat food tends to be more plant-based than animal-based. Cats have the healthiest blood sugar levels with chicken cat food or cat food rich in other whole animal proteins. Dry cat food also contains very little water which is especially important for cats to absorb enough cat food nutrition. The protein in dry cat food has often been cooked extensively at high temperatures. This significantly reduces the biological value of the protein sources and it destroys other ingredients that are important for your cat. Cat prey in the wild consists of 70-75% water. Canned cat food and raw kitten food most closely approximate the diet in the wild.