Diarrhea Dog Food Products

When it comes to problems with diarrhea, dog owners are very likely to encounter a certain number of episodes over the course of a pet's lifetime. Dogs routinely suffer from either acute or chronic diarrhea episodes. Acute is much more common and less serious, though it's important to recognize the difference between the two. Diarrhea is a common symptom of a number of very serious and potentially even fatal diseases and conditions. If your pet suffers from diarrhea, your two goals should be to stop the symptom itself and also to address the issue that is leading to his diarrhea in the first place. Read on for a brief guide to how changing your pet's diet can help to mediate his diarrhea problems.

Treating Diarrhea with Dog Food Products

Dog food products that are designed to help cure diarrhea will typically feature a number of unique and common elements. While other types of dog food are likely to have different flavors and tastes incorporated, anti diarrhea foods are almost always bland. The blandness of the food helps to ease your pet's digestive tract and put as little stress on your pet's system as possible. With these food products, your pet will not have to work hard in order to properly process his food.

The process of treating your pet's diarrhea with food is a gradual one. This makes a change of diet a better measure for addressing long term diarrhea than for addressing short term and acute cases. The reason for this is that most dogs will not respond well to a sudden change of food. You'll need to gradually switch your pet's food over to the bland anti diarrhea food over the period of one to two weeks. In the case of most acute diarrhea episodes, this is enough time for the diarrhea to go away on its own anyway, making food not the best treatment option.

Suitable Food Products

Nearly every line of dog food manufacturers has a separate type of dog food that is designed to help cure diarrhea. When selecting from amongst the many different types of diarrhea dog food products that are available, it's a good idea to keep a few different things in mind. Look for products with these qualities:

  • Dry foods
  • Tastes that your pet is familiar with
  • High quality ingredients

It's always safer to use foods from higher quality brands when treating your pet's diarrhea, as a low quality diet can be the cause of diarrhea as well.

Alternative Treatments with Food

Alternately, if you are looking to save money on your pet's diarrhea dog food treatment, you can create your own healthy anti diarrhea food too. Mix two thirds white rice and cottage cheese with one third plain cooked chicken. Add a few dollops of yogurt over the top. This will be a bland and easy to digest mixture of food that is designed to restore your pet's natural intestinal bacteria.