Comparing a Diet of Canned Dog Food to Homemade

Dog owners are weighing the benefits of homemade dog foods to a diet canned dog food for better nutrition. Here is some information about each.

Canned Food Often Contains Unhealthy Ingredients

First and foremost the decision should be made based on the health of the individual dog; some dogs may have special diet requirements. When buying canned dog food, it's always important to read the label of ingredients. Many canned foods contain preservatives and gelling agents that act as carbohydrates, as well as various grains which offer vegetable proteins over animal proteins. All of these add up to a meal with less important nutrients. However, that's not to say that there aren't nutritious canned foods on the market. The key is watching out for harmful additives and hormones, and empty calories.

Homemade Food Healthier, But Requires Knowledge

When creating homemade recipes, dog owners know what goes into their pet's food, so they can ensure the their dog is getting his proper nutrient requirements-but only if they know what those requirements are.

Dogs thrive best on an omnivorous diet. A combination of specific amino acids and proteins, wheat and grains rich in carbohydrates and fresh vegetables offer the best-rounded choice for feeding your dog a healthy diet. Seemingly harmless items such as avocados, broccoli, liver, mushrooms and raw fish are unsafe for a dog to consume.

Great care should be taken before creating recipes for dogs, so as not to undermine the healthful benefits of an otherwise very nutritious meal.