Dietary Treatment of Moist Eczema in Dogs

Moist eczema in dogs (also known as hot spots, acute moist dermatitis or acute moist pyoderma) is primarily caused by a bacterial infection. This is a common condition that can appear suddenly and spread over the entire body. However, it's generally confined to areas such as those under the pet's ears, the scalp and the sides of the face. The condition also commonly develops near the rectum or the flank. Moist eczema is a chronic and non-contagious condition and generally occurs when the immune system is reacting abnormally.

Causes of Moist Eczema in Dogs:

  • Allergens such as pollens and proteins found in commercial dog food products.
  • Irritants such as cigarette smoke, acidic foods, herbicides, pesticides, detergents, bleach and fragrances found in shampoos or other grooming products.
  • Flea infections.
  • Changes in temperature which occur when the dog plays outside in the sun and then enters a cool house.
  • Excessive licking or grooming of the skin. 
  • Stress or anxiety.

Symptoms of Moist Eczema in Dogs

If there is a wound in your pet's skin, bacteria have the opportunity to enter and cause infections such as moist eczema. Moist eczema is manifested by symptoms such as red, dry skin, itchiness, loss of hair and skin lesions.

Dietary Management of Canine Moist Eczema

It's important that you feed your pet a high quality, nutritious diet in order to prevent infections such as canine moist eczema. You should feed your dog a raw food diet or food that's cooked at home. If you serve your pet homemade food, the best meal you could give him is lamb meat with rice. If it's not possible to feed your pet home cooked meals, make sure that the commercial dog food you choose is a high quality product and that the primary source of protein listed on the package is meat such as lamb, beef or fish.

Meat based proteins in pet food are better than grain based proteins such as corn or wheat. If your dog has moist eczema, you should also reduce the amount of poultry products you incorporate into his diet.

Supplements that Benefit Dogs with Moist Eczema

The addition of an Omega fatty acid supplement to your pet's diet can prevent him from developing further attacks, even if he has had moist eczema in the past. This supplement helps keep your pet's skin soft and healthy and keeps his eczema under control. The addition of evening primrose oil and tea made from neem leaves to your pet's food also helps to keep eczema under control.

Grapefruit seed extract keeps the intestines clean. Therefore, the intestines are able to fight off bacterial infections that cause skin problems like eczema.


Grooming products such as brushes and combs should be cleaned regularly. Shampoos that contain oatmeal and avocado oil are beneficial as they reduce inflammation and control itchiness. You should also trim your dog's coat to allow affected areas to dry and heal quickly.

If you feed your pet an optimum diet to boost his immune system and follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will soon find a change in his condition and the eczema will disappear slowly.