Using a dog laxative for your dog’s digestive problems

Dog Laxatives and Dog Digestive Problems

Dog laxatives are a type of medication to relieve dog constipation. The best type of canine laxative and dosage amount can be recommended by your vet. Do not try and use an over-the-counter laxative for your dog without consulting a veterinarian first. Symptoms of dog constipation to look out for in your pet include hard and dry stool, strained bowel movements, bloating, crying or yelping during bowel movements, long periods of time between defecating and a loss of appetite. A mild laxative for dogs is not the only option for helping your dog’s digestion; other home remedies include giving a small amount of Milk of Magnesia, Metamucil, or mineral oil to your dog, feeding your dog canned pumpkin, or adding wheat bran to dog food to relieve dog constipation. Many holistic and natural medications are also available. Talk to your veterinarian before trying any of these at-home treatments. Preventing dog constipation is a smart way of avoiding the need for dog laxatives for your pet. Keep your pet healthy with plenty of exercise and make sure your dog gets enough time outside to do its business. Have a neighbor or friend let your pet out if you are going to be away from home a long period of time. Exercise is a great way to end your dog’s constipation and prevent any further digestive issues; your dog should be walked twice a day. Always have plenty of fresh water to prevent dehydration as this is one of the main causes of dog constipation and can be easily prevented. Feed your dog a healthy diet that includes a good amount of fiber. Adding either canned or fresh vegetables such as green beans to your dog’s food can help maintain a regular digestive system and also keep your dog at a healthy weight. Avoid feeding your dog other types of food such as table scraps and leftovers as these can cause digestive problems for your pooch. Dogs are known to eat anything they find so look out for bones or other material that your pet might ingest, especially if it is a puppy. Foreign objects such as rocks or bones can block the digestive system and cause serious problems. If changing your dog’s diet or using a dog laxative is not enough to ease dog constipation, there may be a more serious issue such as an inflamed colon (also known as a megacolon), worms or other medical issues. Visit your vet if the symptoms do not go away after trying these other treatments such as a dog laxative.