Dog Agility Training Equipment

Dog agility training is a useful way of helping to improve the way that your pet moves. In most cases, people who engage in this mode of training for their pets will typically be doing so for the purposes of shows or competitions. However, certain types of agility training may be helpful in improving your pet's mobility after he has suffered from an injury or a surgery. Read on for a brief guide to some of the most common and popular types of dog agility training equipment and how it can be used to help improve your pet's agility levels.

Adjustable Jumps

One of the best and most versatile pieces of canine agility equipment is the adjustable jump. This piece of equipment generally consists of two vertical poles attached to a base on the ground, with additional poles connected horizontally between them. The idea is that you'll run your dog toward the horizontal pole in the middle of the two vertical poles, and he'll continue by jumping over the horizontal pole. These types of jumps are helpful in building your pet's leg strength and his jumping and coordination, and they're especially useful because the horizontal poles can be moved up or down according to your pet's ability.

Ring Jumps

Ring jumps are another type of jumping device. They are useful in providing your pet with the chance to jump carefully and without moving his legs too much. If his legs catch on the ring that he jumps through, he'll end up knocking the jump over and will have to repeat it. Many of these jumping equipment pieces are also adjustable.

Weave Poles

Weave poles are designed for dogs that are improving their running ability and their cornering skills. These poles are spaced out such that your dog will have to turn in a repeated "S" shape multiple times. This forces him to be quick on his feet and to enhance his speed so that he can run accurately and efficiently.

Tunnel Chute

The tunnel chute is not used to provide a test of your pet's running ability or speed, but rather it is a way of testing your pet's confidence and his ability to continue to run without direct guidance from you as you work with him. While your pet runs through the short tunnel, he'll need to continue to move forward as fast as he can in order to prevent the tunnel from collapsing around him. The tunnel is made of a lightweight material that will not hurt your pet if it does end up collapsing on him either. The goal of this device is to make it so that your pet will continue to run as fast as possible even when he doesn't receive a direct stimulus from the runner.

For more information about these and other types of equipment that are commonly used for canine agility training, speak with a representative at a pet supply store.