Dog Alopecia: Identifying the Symptoms

Dog alopecia is a skin condition that results in complete or partial hair loss.

Causes of Dog Alopecia

Dog alopecia may be the result of a hormonal imbalance, a dietary deficiency, an injury, or an allergy. Dog alopecia may have its roots in immunological disorder, infectious disease or parasites, or could simply be a result of old age.

Symptoms of Dog Alopecia

The main symptoms of dog alopecia is hair loss. Your dog may lose hair in patches or all at once. A symmetrical pattern of hair loss on either side of your dog's body may mean his alopecia is the result of a hormonal imbalance.

Additional symptoms may include itching, scratching or chewing. The appearance of the skin itself may change, appearing reddish or perhaps darkened. In severe cases, lesions, pustules, or hot spots may develop.

Treatments for Dog Alopecia

Treatment for dog alopecia usually involves treating the underlying medical condition.