Recognizing Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs: 4 Warning Signs

The arthritis symptoms dogs have vary by how far along their condition may be. If your dog has any of the following symptoms along with a high fever, he is in the advanced stages of arthritis. If you catch the warning signs early, treatments can help lubricate his joints and regenerate his cartilage.

Difficulty Moving

Dogs can develop arthritic conditions in their legs, hips, back, shoulders, joints and structural areas of their bodies. Warning signs include: trouble going up stairs, sitting or standing, hesitant to jump and less flexibility. In fact, the most arthritis symptoms dogs have are problems running and climbing.

Showing Signs of Pain

Limping or favoring one leg are typical attributes of dogs suffering from a joint condition like arthritis. Observe your dog at different times during the day. Check to see if he has stiff limbs especially during the morning hours, which is a common symptom of this disease.

Decreased Activity/Less Playful

When arthritis strikes your dog, he becomes disconnected from you and others. He'll tend to sleep all day, become lethargic and simply unmotivated for play or interaction. In some cases, the arthritis symptoms dogs possess include depression and sluggishness.

Changes in Muscle Tone

With a decrease in your dog's activity also comes soft muscle quality. If your dog normally has firm legs and arms, a change in his overall physique is a warning sign of arthritis. This is also combined with sudden and abnormal weight gain.