Dog Bite Insurance -- Where and Why to Get It

Dogs can bite for a number of reasons, and oftendog owners are baffled as to why their dogs have acted out. Without proper dogbite insurance, pet owners can wind up in a lot of legal trouble.

Breed Matters
Some home insurers will not insure certain dog breeds. While each insureris different, most of them tend to refuse insurance for the following breeds:

A? Pitbulls

A? Rottweilers

A? Chowchows

A? Germanshepherds

A? Siberianhuskies

A? Alaskanmalamutes

A? Dobermanpinschers

A? PresaCanario bulldogs

A? GreatDanes

A? Boxers

A? Akitas

A? Wolf-hybrids

Total Breed Coverage
State Farm is one insurancecompany that does not discriminate against certain dog breeds. In addition,there are other insurance companies that will insure any breed of dog. In fact,some states (including Michigan and Pennsylvania) have madeit illegal to refuse dog bite insurance based upon breed.