Dog Bowls for Fast Eaters

Specific dog bowls designs help slow fast eaters. Dogs who wolf their food are more likely to overeat. In addition, the dangerous dog condition known as stomach bloat occurs when a dog wolfs his food. According to the Veterinary Medical Association, rapid eaters have a 15 percent higher chance of developing bloat. Slowing down the pace at which a dog eats reduces this risk.

When a dog wolfs his food, he also takes in air. Some dogs burp without issue and expel the gas. In other dogs that air swells and expands the stomach. When it expands, the stomach can twist trapping everything in the stomach and cutting blood flow to the stomach and other organs.

How Dog Bowls Help Slow Eating

Slow-feed dog bowls are designed with obstacles within the bowl that make it hard for a dog to gobble entire mouthfuls. Working around these raised nubs, the dog is only able to get his mouth open so far. Less food goes into the mouth between bites.

Benefits to Slower Eating Habits with Slow-Feed Dog Bowls

Obviously, eating meals slowly helps reduce the risk of GDV. It also helps turn a rapid eater into a more refined eater. There will be no rushing to get through a meal and then mooching for more. Because the dog is forced to eat slowly, his body is able to signal the brain that the stomach is feeling full and no more food it necessary. This helps reduce obesity in dogs too.

Some dogs inhale their meal so fast that they cough and choke. This is problematic because sometimes the kibble goes into the windpipe and lungs rather than into the stomach. This causes aspiration pneumonia. Slow-feed dog bowls also help stop this problem. Because the dog must work around the bowl's obstacles, there is less chance that the dog will inhale food into his lungs.

When a dog eats a meal quickly, stomach upset can occur. Even if the dog doesn't develop the dangerous GDV, eating quickly may make him feel nauseous and he may vomit some or all of his meal. Again, eating more slowly stops that from happening.

Popular Slow-Feed Bowls

While there are many brands of slow-feed dog bowls on the market, some receive better feedback than others. The DuraPet Slow-Feed bowl is a popular and inexpensive option. The bowl has a raised center that creates a narrow trench that holds the food. This dog bowl is made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe making it a popular choice with dog owners.

The Aikiou Interactive dog bowl is shaped like a dog's paw. The main food bowl is covered by a spinning door that hides the food in six different compartments. To get his meal, the dog must move the spinning door and locate the food in each compartment. The toe sections also hide food and are covered by sliding doors.

JW Pet Company's Skidstop Slow-feed Bowl has four raised protuberances that divide the bowl interior into four small areas. With a slip-proof rubber bottom, there's no worry about the bowl skidding across the floor or getting tipped over. The bowls are crafted from heavy-duty plastic and are dishwasher safe.