Dog Broken Leg Treatment

A dog broken leg is a severe problem and will require immediate treatment. The dog may have an open wound or may only have a broken bone. The dog broken leg treatment will consist of placing splints, getting the dog to the vet, possibly a plaster cast and you will also have to give the dog the care and affection he needs.

Detect the Problem

If you suspect your dog has a broken leg, you should examine it. You dog may have a bone fracture or a sprain. Both will display swelling of the affected area and the dog will not be able to use his leg. Even if your dog has only a sprain, you need to get to the vet, to get a clear diagnosis. Apply a splint to make sure the bones don't move while transporting the dog to the vet.

Clean Open Wounds

If your dog has a leg injury, he will be in great pain and he may be violent, so try using a muzzle before treating him.

If your pet has a bone fracture and also an open wound, you will have to clean the wound first. Use antibacterial soap and hydrogen peroxide, which will disinfect the area. If you see bones sticking out of the wound, don't try to put these back, as you may end up hurting your dog.

Take your dog to the vet, but make sure he doesn't move on your way there. The vet will detect the problem and if need be, he will place the bones in their normal position.

Apply Splints

If your dog doesn't have an open wound, you can apply a splint before getting him to the vet. As a first aid measure you should use a splint to make sure the leg stays in one position and no additional complications occur. Don't try to straighten or adjust the bones, as you can cause damage to the tissues, arteries or bones.

You may have a few splints in your first aid kit for dogs, but you may also manufacture them yourself, using cardboard. You only need to cut a few rectangular pieces. Apply two splints and tie them with a resistant thread or elastic. If possible, get someone to help you. One person can hold the leg in place and the other can apply the splints.

Get the dog to the vet. The vet will perform some x-rays and determine the problem. If the bones are fractured, the vet will apply a plaster cast, which will have to be worn for six to 12 weeks, depending on the severity of the fracture.

Special Attention and Care

Your dog may be in a lot of pain and he may also panic due to the leg injury, so you need to keep him calm and offer him the care he needs. Provide all the needed medication and a quiet room where he can recover. Remove obstacles in your home, so that your dog can circulate without having trouble or causing additional injuries.