Dog and Cat Vet Issues Compared

Dog and cat vet issues are not always as different as the pet owner may think. Nonetheless, the dog and the cat owner should become aware of the most common dog and cat vet issues in order to watch for signs of illness in their pets.

Cats and Dogs Share Many Medical Issues

Dogs and cats alike suffer from some common medical issues that make up as much as 25% of pet health insurance claims. These include eye inflammation (conjunctivitis), digestion issues (constipation, diarrhea and vomiting), ear infections, hypothyroidism, urinary tract infections and skin allergies.

More Frequent Conditions by Animal

Based on the most commonly treated medical issues in cats and dogs, there are a number of different medical issues the cat and the dog owners should particularly watch out for. However, that is not to say that your dog can't be suffering from an issue more commonly seen in cats, nor vice versa. None of these dog and cat vet issues are exclusively canine or feline diseases.

However, you're more likely to encounter these issues depending on the pet you have:

  • Cats - Chronic renal failure (kidney disease), diabetes and upper respiratory viruses.
  • Dogs - Pyoderma (hot spots), benign skin tumors and arthritis.