Dog Chew Spray

If you have problems with your dog chew behavior, you may need to try a variety of different methods to convince him to stop. Dogs, especially young puppies, will chew on virtually everything. It is a natural instinct and tends to be one that mellows out over time.

However, some dogs will continue to chew for many years and may cause a number of different problems for you and your home. In these cases, there are a few options to consider. Muzzles are effective, but many people see them as inhumane. Isolating your pet from areas that you don't want him to chew may not stop him from chewing entirely and may therefore be not entirely effective. There are a number of dog chew deterrent sprays, however, that provide a safe and easy way to convince your dog to stop chewing.

Dog Chew Spray Overview

Dog chew sprays work in a few different ways. Most of these sprays are foul smelling or bitter tasting substances that are perfectly healthy for your pet. If you spray them on a certain area, your pet may attempt to chew on that area before realizing that the scent or the flavor is particularly uncomfortable or discouraging. The chew spray will then prompt your pet to stop chewing on that area.

Some of the best places to consider using dog chew sprays are:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Plants
  • Door frames and handles
  • Table corners
  • Food storage units

There are also a number of dog chew deterrent sprays that are designed to be sprayed directly onto your dog himself. In these cases, the spray is meant to stop your pet from otherwise aggravating a sore that he may already have.

If he is wounded or has a hot spot, an infection or some other similar affected area on his body, he may be tempted to lick, chew and gnaw at that area. This is a somewhat obsessive behavior and one that will not provide your dog with any health benefits. In fact, chewing on these affected areas may delay the healing process considerably. In these cases, using a dog chew spray may prompt your pet to actually have an increased recuperation period overall.

Other Dog Chew Spray Information

Specially formulated dog chew sprays are safe to use for dogs. Most of these sprays are designed to transmit a scent or flavor that will be discouraging to the dog but which will not be noticeable to humans, who have a much weaker sense of smell than dogs do. However, some poorly made or inexpensive dog chew sprays may have scents that people find to be disturbing as well. For this reason, it's a good idea to test out the scent before you purchase the dog chew spray in the first place.

For more information about dog chew spray products and their potential benefits for managing your pet's problem behaviors, visit your local pet supply store or speak with a vet.