Using a Dog Choke Chain Collar Safely

Dog choke chain collars can be an effective training aide when used properly. Fit, position and technique are all critical components when working with your dog on a choke chain.

Choosing and Fitting Your Dog's Choke Collar

  1. Measure the dog's neck about an inch below the ears.
  2. Slip 2 fingers between the tape and the dog's neck and add 2 ½ inches to that measurement. A properly fitted choke chain collar will easily fit over the dog's head but fit snugly around the neck slightly below the ears with about 2 inches of loose chain.

Putting on the Choke Collar

  1. Holding the choke collar by one of the end rings, thread the chain through the ring until it forms a loop.
  2. Facing the dog, hold the collar so it forms a "P".
  3. Place the collar over the dog's head with the tail of the "P" hanging over the dog's right shoulder.

Safe and Effective Use for Training Your Dog

When used properly, the chain collar is a safe and effective training aide. Some things to keep in mind when working with your dog on a choke chain:

  • By putting the choke collar on the dog following the "P" formation, the collar will allow for the quick release action of the choke collar training technique. If the collar is placed differently, it will tighten, but won't release quickly. Remember, the tug is simply a reminder to the dog, not a restraint.
  • The technique for using the dog choke collar is to give a quick tug, a verbal cue of "No!" and release. The tug tightens the collar briefly, grabbing the dog's attention. This allows the trainer to correct the dog or the dog to self-correct.
  • If used to apply constant pressure, the choke chain collar is ineffective and desensitizes the dog to training cues.

The dog choke chain collar is meant to be a training aide, not to be worn at all times. With the proper fit, the proper positioning on the dog and the proper technique applied, the choke chain collar is an effective means to working with a dog on leash.