Dog Constipation Mineral Oil Treatment

Dog constipation can occur due to dietary or psychological factors, illness, or ingestion of foreign objects. Most cases of constipation in dogs aren't serious and can be treated at home. Here's how you can recognize the signs of constipation in your dog and help him become regular again.

Causes and Symptoms of Dog Constipation

Even healthy dogs become constipated from time to time. Lifestyle changes or changes in diet or activity level can bring on a bout of mild constipation. Stress can cause constipation, and so can some illnesses. If your dog swallows a foreign object that becomes lodged in his intestines, he could suffer from constipation as a result of intestinal blockage.

If your dog looks and acts healthy but is having trouble having a bowel movement, chances are he's suffering from a mild case of constipation brought on by stress, lifestyle or diet. 

If your dog is constipated, he'll strain and struggle to move his bowels. He may try to move his bowels over and over again without much success. He may experience abdominal pain and bloating. Any stools he manages to pass will likely be dry, hard and small.

Your dog's appetite may increase, or he may refuse food altogether because he is feeling bloated. He may seem lethargic or depressed, or exhibit personality changes. His energy levels may decrease, and if constipation becomes severe, his gait may change.

Treating Dog Constipation Through Diet

One of the most common causes of dog constipation is poor diet. If your dog doesn't have enough fiber or liquids in his diet, he could easily become constipated. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink at all times. Feed him high quality dog food; you don't have to buy the most expensive dog food, but don't buy the cheapest either. 

If your dog is eating a good diet and is still suffering from mild constipation, add a tablespoon of wheat bran or canned pumpkin to his food each day. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, as movement helps stool pass through the bowels more easily.

Treating Dog Constipation with Mineral Oil

f your dog continues to suffer from mild constipation even after dietary and exercise issues have been resolved, you may still be able to treat his symptoms with mineral oil. Use one teaspoon of mineral oil per ten pounds of your dog's body weight. Mixing the mineral oil in with their food is the best option. Never administer mineral oil directly into your dog's mouth, as inhaling any of the oil can cause them to develop aspiration pneumonia, a serious lung infection.

See your vet right away if your dog is showing any symptoms of:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • weakness
  • extreme abdominal pain

Your dog could have an intestinal blockage and be in need of emergency care.