Dog Coughs at Night

If your dog coughs at night it can be worrisome and disturbing to the entire household. However, coughing at night might be indicative of something serious especially if the dog coughs only at night. The type of cough (whether it’s moist or dry) is important as this can help the vet during diagnosis as night-time coughing could be indicative of a number of different health conditions.

Causes of Canine Cough at Night

Your pet could be allergic to an inhalant, fragrances, fleas or additives. These allergens invade the respiratory system of your pet when your dog is in constant contact with them. Such allergens can be found in your pet’s bedding, food, collars, air fresheners or detergents.

The reaction to the allergen generally occurs at night and causes the cough. Identifying the allergen and terminating your pet’s exposure to it can resolve the night-time cough.

Additional Causes

Another cause of coughing at night could be associated with kennel cough. This type of cough is caused by exposure to infected dogs and is more severe at night. This upper respiratory condition produces a hacking cough along with salivation from the mouth. Heart problems, bronchial problems and tracheal problems such as a collapsing trachea can also result in coughing at night.

Toy breeds are especially prone to trachea problems. Such problems are generally caused by heart issues such as an enlarged heart.

Diagnosing the Cough Problem

A physical exam, medical history, blood tests to identify infections, and X-rays of the neck and chest can help the vet during diagnosis.

Treatment for Dog Coughing

Cough suppressants, antibiotics and plenty of fresh water are effective in the treatment of kennel cough. You should also ensure that your dog sleeps in a warm, draft free environment. Your pet should be isolated from other pets until he’s cured of the kennel cough. If the cause of the coughing is tracheal problems, the humidity in your pet’s environment should be increased and he should be kept calm and free from stress.

Steam inhalation can provide relief from the cough. The dog may also require Robitussin but it’s essential to have the pet examined by the vet before administering any drugs.

Home Remedies:

  • Robitussin
  • Herbal remedies such as plantago lanceolata
  • Bryonia C6 which is a herbal remedy that provides relief and clears up mucus
  • Vitamin supplements to boost the immune system
  • Humidifiers
  • Removal or loosening of collars
  • Honey (this is an effective and safe treatment for night-time coughs)

Get your pet checked by a vet when night-time coughing persists for longer than a week. Coughing at night can be indicative of serious respiratory or cardiac health issues and surgery or intensive medication may be required to treat the pet.