Dog Cushings Disease Treatment with Canine Supraglan

Dog Cushings disease is an often misdiagnosed or missed condition in older dogs. While many treatments are available to treat Cushing's, Supraglan is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst owners, and is vet-approved. 

Defining Supraglan

Supraglan is an all-natural, herbal treatment for Cushing's Disease and Addison's Disease in dogs. It was formulated in the UK, imported occasionally with FDA approval for use in the United States. Only recently was the manufacturing and sale of it legalized in the US. The natural ingredients in Supraglan help lower the over-acting adrenal system and slow the secretion of hormones, while being gentle on the dog's body at the same time. Unfortunately, since Supraglan is so new, a lot of vets are not yet well-versed in the use of it. You'll want to ask your vet if they are informed about Supraglan.

What Supraglan Is Made of

Supraglan does not consist of any chemically-altered ingredients, which is part of what makes it a healthy alternative to other treatment. Other treatments can cause damage (sometimes intentionally in order to work) and further strain on your dog's body. 

  • Borage stimulates the endocrine system while aiding in the elimination of toxins, and contains precursors of the adrenal gland hormones. 
  • Dandelion is highly nutritious while improving liver secretion and digestive functions. 
  • Licorice is an adrenal stimulant and an anti-inflammatory. 
  • Wild Yam also works as an anti-inflammatory, and contains steroidal saponins. 
  • Milk Vetch stimulates liver function and boosts the immune system
  • Eleutherococus Senticosus aids in balances the actions of hormones produced by the pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as upping resistance to infections. 
  • Bistort works as a soothing anti-inflammatory astringent, also aiding the liver and kidneys. 

All put together, Supraglan takes a deal of stress off a dog's digestive system, which is heavily attacked when they are suffering from Cushing's. The anti-inflammatories are helpful in easing discomfort of achy, stiff joints. Meanwhile, other ingredients work to suppress the adrenal glands, which are over-secreting cortisol (a type of steroid). This does no harm to the glands or any other part of your dog's body, and all effects are entirely reversible if use of Supraglan is discontinued.

Why to Use Supraglan Instead of Traditional Treatments

Traditional treatments, such as veterinarian prescribed medications or surgery to remove tumors from the adrenal glands, can be extremely costly and harsh on the canine body, especially since Cushing's primarily occurs in older dogs. Treatments are similar to chemotherapy and erode layers of the adrenal glands in order to cut back on the amount of hormones being released. This damage can be irreversible, so concerns arise of too much damage being done and the dog then having a cortisol deficiency rather than an over-abundance.

On the other hand, Supraglan simply slows the release of these hormones without damaging the pituitary or adrenal glands. Because of the all-natural ingredients, side-effects are not a concern as they are with traditional methods. Supraglan is designed to treat the strained organs, as well as restore a dog's skin and fur, while reducing thirst and urination. 

Supraglan is less expensive, long-lasting and easy to administer. One bottle will run approximately $40.00 to $50.00, and for most dogs, one bottle can last about two months.