Finding the Right Dog Dental Chew

Dog dental chew toys vary in size, shape, and even texture making it important to match your dog's needs and preferences with the item. What suits one size of dog may not satisfy another.

Things to Keep in Mind

A toy or small dog breed might prefer a softer dog dental chew toy that doesn't strain their tiny jaw. A larger dog may be happy with a larger bone or hard knot suitable for the larger teeth and stronger jaw.

Nylon dental chews provide great dental benefits to the teeth and gums. Wash the chew toy regularly to prevent bacteria.

To prevent boredom, keep a selection of different chews on hand. When the dog tires of one, put it away and offer another.

Let Your Dog Choose

Many pet stores allow leashed pets to enter the store. Bring your dog shopping too. When you reach the dog dental chew aisle, offer a variety of toys. See which toy most interests your dog.

Dogs' tastes change. Don't be surprised if an old favorite suddenly becomes boring to your dog.

Important Safety Factors

Make sure your dog's rawhide chew lists the USDA seal of approval. Quality practices in foreign countries vary. The last thing you want to do is offer a tainted chew toy.

Rawhide dog chews pick up bacteria and dirt. After a week, discard any uneaten rawhide chew.

Chew toys pose a choking hazard. Always purchase dental chews that are at least twice the size of the dog's mouth.