Stop Dog Diarrhea With Over-the-Counter Products

Many times the only way to stop dog diarrhea is through trial and error. The following products and procedures can help relieve your dog from his bowl problem. See which works best for your dog.

1. Add fiber to your dog's diet. A product such as Metamucil is appropriate for mixing into your dog's food. Stir with water and pour right into your dog's food. The fiber will draw the water out of his stool and provide a fermenting action in his colon, helping to normalize his digestive area.

2. Give your dog a rice-based intestinal support formula. For years, rice has been given as a dietary aid to help bind dogs. Today, you can rely on supplements derived from the grain to help stop dog diarrhea.

3. Support your dog's intestinal area. Probiotic solutions can help enhance the beneficial bacteria normally found in your dog's intestinal tract and prevent his constant bowel movements. 4. Use products fortified with vitamins, herbs and other nutrients. Look for natural treatments made with amino acids. Slippery elm helps soothe the mucus membranes in your dog's intestines and support his digestive system.

5. Stop dog diarrhea by administering over-the-counter Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate in moderation.

6. Hydrate your dog with Gatorade and plenty of water to replenish the minerals, potassium and sodium he is loosing. This will help his condition from getting worse.