5 Dog Diarrhea Remedy Suggestions

It's easy to discover which home diarrhea remedy will best treat your dog. Of course, if the problem persists it's best to have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian. Here are five remedy suggestions.

  1. Rest your dog digestive tract by having him fast for twelve to twenty four hours.
  2. Do not give your dog any dog treats or table scraps, these will further irritate the intestinal tract.
  3. Feed a bland diet in small servings consisting of a variation of:
  • cooked or steamed white rice
  • boiled skinless chicken or turkey (no butter or seasonings)
  • boiled egg (no butter or oil)
  • boiled potato (no skin or flavorings)
  • plain low fat cottage cheese
  • Once your dog passes stool, gradually mix in his normal food with the bland food.
  1. Dogs can be given Pepto Bismol. Dosage is approximately 1ml per pound.
  2. Provide fresh, clean water continuously to keep your dog hydrated.