Dog DNA Test Kits

A dog DNA test can come in handy when you need to know the breed of the dog and find information on his parents and the possible illnesses that are embedded in the genes of the pet. DNA test kits are available for canines. DNA tests may also be performed at a vet clinic and are often required if your dog takes part in dog shows.

Canines DNA Test

When a dog is conceived, he receives genetic information from both parents. The inherited genes will be responsible for determining the physical appearance of the pet and will also play a role in the overall health of the pet. For instance, if the dog is a mixed breed, this can be visible or he may have more dominant genes from a parent or a breed. Also, if a parent has certain genetic diseases, this info will be transferred to the new dog as well.

DNA tests for dogs may be required in a number of instances:

  • When the breed of the dog is uncertain and you want to know about the parents of your pet
  • You want to establish if your pet is a pure breed, which may be required if your dog takes part in a dog show. The American Kennel Club will only accept members that have taken a DNA test and have a proof of this.
  • The test can also be performed to confirm that a certain dog is the parent of a puppy. In this case, DNA samples will be required from the parent dog as well.

DNA Test Kits

DNA test kits are available and may be purchased or ordered online for prices between $50 and $100. The test can give certain info on the dog’s heritage. The test will require a sample of the dog’s DNA. The easiest way to obtain this is to get a swab of the dog’s cheeks. This will not cause any pain or discomfort in your pet and will take less than 1 minute.

DNA Test at Vet Clinic

If the DNA test is performed at a vet clinic, you may find out additional info on the dog’s ancestry. However, this testing may require a blood sample. This is obtained by using a small syringe.

Effectiveness of DNA Test

When performed at a vet clinic, the DNA tests have an accuracy of over 90%. You should be aware that there are certain rare breeds that cannot be identified. The DNA test kits have a lower accuracy percentage. These test kits will only be able to identify around 100 common dog breeds. If your dog is a rarer breed or is a mix of two breeds one of which is rare, you will not be able to get clear info on your dog’s ancestry.

The DNA tests may also be taken to establish if there is genetic predisposition to certain diseases. However, the accuracy in this respect is very low.