An Overlooked Aspect of Dog Health: Ear Care

Dog health ear care is very important to your dog's well-being. A diligent home regimen of dog ear care can keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free.

Dog Ear Care Is Important

Proper dog health ear care can prevent problems such as infection and parasitical infestation that could cause your dog pain and even damage his hearing.

Examine Your Dog's Ears

Examining your dog's ears at home is simple. Check for redness, wax build-up, and foreign matter inside your dog's ears. Also check to see if there are foul odors coming from the ear, which may indicate an ear problem.

Common Dog Ear Health Problems

Some breeds of dog are more prone to ear health problems than others. Dogs with floppy ears, or a lot of fur around their ears, are more prone to infections and mites.

Caring for Your Dog's Ears

Pluck the hairs that grow inside your dog's ears; apply dog ear powder and pluck the hairs a few at a time to minimize your dog's discomfort. Trim the hair outside of your dog's ears with a small pair of scissors.

Clean your dog's ears with warm water and cotton swabs. Do not insert the cotton swab into your dog's ear canal; you could lose the cotton tip inside and this can be detrimental to your dog's ear health. Simply swab the ear flap, then clean the ear canal by pouring warm water into your dog's ear and massaging the ear from the outside.