Dog Eye Infection Home Remedies

A dog eye infection is a relatively common occurrence, particularly in breeds of dogs with drooping eyes or large flaps of skin around their eyes. While this condition is widespread, it is important that you take it seriously and deal with it properly if it should come up for your dog. Failure to do so may prolong the infection, cause your pet a greater degree of pain than he needs to deal with, and cause permanent or lasting eye damage.

In some situations, the eye infection may even lead to blindness. The infection can also spread to other parts of your dog's body and affect his vital organs in harmful ways as well. Read on for a brief overview to some of the most popular home remedies for dog eye infections.

Saline Rinse

One of the best ways to help clear up the symptoms of an eye infection in your dog is to wash his eye out with a clean saline rinse.

  1. Mix in a half of a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm purified mineral water and stir it until it's been properly dissolved.
  2. Gently and carefully apply the water mixture to your pet's eye. You may find that pouring it slowing over his head and allowing it to run over his eye is a good way to do this. Whatever you do, do not apply unnecessary pressure or force to the eye.
  3. Use a cotton swab or a Q-Tip to clean out the eye very gently. Look for any debris or buildup that has caught in the corners of your dog's eye.

This cleaning method can be repeated once or twice per day.

Chamomile Tea Rinse

An alternative to the saline rinse and another method of helping to clean out your pet's eye is the chamomile tea rinse.

  1. Brew up a batch of chamomile tea from a tea bag.
  2. Allow the tea to cool considerably and steep the tea bag for a few minutes.
  3. Remove the tea bag from the water and gently apply it to the area around your pet's eye.
  4. The juice that flows from the tea bag can help to prevent your dog from suffering from further infection.

Dietary Supplements

By augmenting your dog's diet with a set of appropriate dietary supplements, you'll help to ensure that he recovers quickly from any eye infection that he does have, and that he becomes less likely to have repeat infections later on in life as well.

Give him a supplement that is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and bioflavonoids. All of these have natural immune system boosting properties and can help your dog's body to fight off bacteria that may ultimately lead to an infection of his eye.

For more information about how to best deal with your pet's dog eye infection at home, speak with a vet. You should always visit a vet if your treatment method proves unsuccessful.