Suggested Dog Food for Diarrhea

Diarrhea in dogs can often be attributed to their dog food; most dogs suffer from periodic bouts of intestinal upset, but if it is a recurrent problem, it could be a food sensitivity. If you make a change in dog food, diarrhea symptoms may subside.

Common Dog Food Sensitivities

Many dogs have trouble digesting corn and wheat. Look for a high-quality dog food that contains rice as its main grain source.

Some dogs are sensitive to soy, and this ingredient is found in many commercial dog foods. Read labels carefully.

Lamb- or rabbit-based dog foods are easy to digest and are less likely to cause allergic reactions than beef or chicken.

Changing Diet to Prevent Diarrhea

Switch foods gradually, over a ten-day period.

If you feed your dog table scraps, do so in moderation and avoid spicy, fatty foods.

Add plain yogurt or a probiotic supplement to each meal to add beneficial bacteria to the gut.

Chronic diarrhea can dehydrate your dog. It leaches valuable nutrients from her body and causes overall poor health.