Natural Dog Food for Allergies

Finding the right type of dog food for allergies is as simple as selecting the right foods with the right ingredients for your dog and his specific allergies. While many pet owners swear by the typical lamb and rice diet for allergic dogs, there are a number of different dog foods that can be effective and healthy as well. For starters, organic dog foods do not contain preservatives and harsh chemicals which can trigger allergy symptoms. In addition all natural dog foods made with human-grade ingredients are a good choice for allergic dogs as well. In some cases, dogs can have an allergic reaction to some foods that may be considered healthy, so choosing natural dog food without these ingredients is important. What are common food triggers?

There are a number of common food triggers for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities. It is important to note that most of these foods contain some form of protein and any or all of these foods can be found in most commercial food products. Common food triggers include:

  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Corn
  • Wheat

What symptoms do food triggers cause?

These foods can cause a number of symptoms such as itchy skin, skin and ear infections, excessive scratching, hot spots, hair loss, and frequent bowel movements. In fact, dogs with food allergies have three times as many bowel movements per day than dogs without food allergies. Eliminating these foods from your dog's diet will alleviate or get rid of symptoms completely. Even in the absence of these trigger foods, it is important to keep in mind that your dog's diet should still remain balanced and nutritious overall. What is the healthiest natural dog food diet for my dog?

One of the best things you can do for a dog with allergies (or any dog) is avoid low-quality, low-nutrition, commercial dog food. You should purchase high-quality products with a 40/50/10 ratio. A 40/50/10 ratio means a diet that contains 40% meat (use turkey and/or fish instead of beef and chicken), 50% vegetables, and 10% carbohydrate. It is also important to avoid dog food that contains animal by-products, preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin, and other harmful chemicals. Premium brand natural dog food and holistic dog foods do not contain fillers, by-products or harmful chemical preservatives. They contain 100% natural and nutritious human-grade ingredients, which is the safest natural dog food for allergies. What else can I do to help my dog avoid triggers?

In addition to monitoring your dog's diet, you should keep them away from trash and bones and you should never feed your dog table scraps. You can also give your dog supplements such as enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E), and minerals such as selenium. Nutritional supplements can help boost the immune system to help fight allergies, and they can also help prevent or decrease inflammation, pain, and itching. Nutritional supplements improve overall dog health as well.