Dog Food Supplement FAQ

There are several things you need to bear in mind if you wish to administer any dog food supplement to your pet. Since there are several commercially available supplements that are formulated for different purposes, you need to make sure that you administer ones that are suited to your pet's unique needs. If you're like most other owners, you will have plenty of questions regarding the administration of food supplements to your pet. Here are some frequently asked questions about dog food supplements.

Does My Dog Require Food Supplements?

The overall health of each pet differs. If your dog has recently undergone surgery, is pregnant or lactating, it may be necessary to administer food supplements to promote health and recovery. Conduct a vet check to find out if your pet is suffering from any underlying conditions, as this could also influence your choice of food supplements.

Which Is the Best Supplement for My Dog?

If your dog is suffering from specific conditions like arthritis or bone disorders, he may benefit from nutrient supplements that contain glucosamine or chondroitin. Pets that suffer from specific diseases should be given supplements that help them recover. On the other hand, if your pet is in good health, administer supplements that help maintain a balanced diet.

How Do I Choose from Different Brands?

Since there are several commercially available food supplements that target different health issues, you should purchase products that are formulated with ingredients of the highest quality. Don't compromise on your pet's health by administering products that contain fillers or artificial ingredients.

What Should the Supplements Contain?

Look for supplements that promote healthy bone formation, metabolism and a strong nervous system. Supplements should contain vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, copper, fatty acids, iron and iodine.

What Is the Right Dosage for My Pet?

The dosage for puppies differs from the dose that should be given to adult dogs. There are plenty of brands to choose from and each manufacturer lists different dosage instructions. You should read and follow the instructions listed on the product, unless otherwise advised by the vet.

How Do Supplements Benefit My Dog?

If your pet is suffering from any particular condition, the vet may ask you to administer certain supplements that boost recovery. Apart from this, supplements are known to increase your dog's lifespan, maintain good health and also boost the dog's energy level.

Do I Have to Administer Supplements for Life?

If your dog benefits from the supplement, you could administer it for life after discussing it with your vet. Dogs that take glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for arthritis generally require these for life. If you discontinue them, the symptoms of arthritis return. However, if your pet is administered supplements to boost recovery after surgery, the supplements can be gradually discontinued once the dog gets back to normal.

There are plenty of advantages of administering food supplements to your dog. It's especially important to administer food supplements to your pet if you prefer to feed him home cooked meals. This ensures that the dog gets his recommended daily intake of essential nutrients.